What I Liked About Dignity Village When I Was There

by Honorable Minister X

 I liked the way the meetings was ran in Dignity Village each week, they let all give a voice on anything, they had votes to implement a rule, like building a nation. I have a white wife and I am African American and I had no racial remarks. Respecting one another is what they have to give each other. No fights at Dignity Village, all tolerated each other, tolerance is what they can teach the world. In countries people kill with a lot of people trying to survive, and only 40 something people at Dignity Village no one got killed. So they are more civilized than people all over the world. They are civil rights activists, standing up for their civil rights. The right to live free. I liked the fact that we can come and go as we please, didn't have to answer to anyone. My wife liked the fact they had donated food on site.