Where is my home going to be tonight

by Mike Broderick
Vendor #15

Where is my home going to be tonight?
It will more than likely be in a doorway
or it may be on a dock.
No matter where it may be, the cops will
more than likely tell me to go on - or
give me a ticket, or put me in jail.
I hope that I don't go to jail this night.

I know where I would like to be, and that
would be on a desert island, out in
the middle of the ocean, away from everyone
and everything.

I look up in the sky this night.
The clouds are black this night,
it is going to rain this night.
But I'll be dry tonight.
I don't know about tomorrow night,
we'll see when it gets here.

I sure would like to be on that island,
somewhere on the blue water
that only God knows about.