Let them live

January 30, 2003
Re: "It Takes a Different Village" (SN&R Editorial, January 16):

Your editorial gave me great hope. The main message that those of us experiencing homelessness usually get from our community is that we should not exist. This message comes from the fact that there are not enough shelter beds or affordable housing for all the homeless, and yet the city has made it against the law to sleep outdoors.

There are many community members and organizations trying to solve this housing problem, but immediate solutions are not in sight. And chances become slimmer as the economy worsens, budgets are cut and the city continues to subsidize luxury rental housing projects with funds meant for affordable housing.

The tent-village concept, though officially denied, has received support from some of the officials within the denying offices. Your support, their support and the support from the community will be necessary before any ordinance or code can be changed to meet our emergency need--the need and right to exist on this Earth.

Paula Lomazzi