Tonight's performance of The Filmore Hotel by Dignity's Village Players at Teatro Milagro has been cancelled.

Apparently a member of the theater's board took it upon him/herself to phone Teatro Milagro's insurers to enquire whether/if the theater required additional insurance as the Village Players are current or former residents of Dignity Village who have all been homeless at some time in their lives.

The Village Players feel that tonight's cancellation is one example of the stigma homeless people face every day and night on account of their status and condition. It is exactly this mindset and prejudice that the play's theme, which openly and frankly addresses the issues of gentrification, homelessness, and class, attempts to transform and change. We are all a part of each others awakening.

Not wanting to disappoint, The Village Players, troopers all, look forward to Saturday night's performance of The Filmore Hotel at Liberty Hall, 311 Ivy, N. Portland. The play starts at 8 PM, admission is by donation, and no one will be turned away.

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