March 03, 2003

Beware of those collecting money in Dignity's name!

In Portland, at least, you see them everywhere, the glossy brochures that Dignity's villagers blitzed Christmas shoppers and theater-goers with over the Holiday Season in our brochure distribution campaign. They're great brochures and they inform the public about what Dignity Village is, where we came from, what our vision is, who we and some of our supporters are. They ask people to get involved in what we're doing and also to nurture and sustain our vision, effort and goals by sending checks in the white, self-addressed envelope attached to each brochure.

Apparently there are those out there who are misusing our brochures to line their own pockets. There's a woman who calls herself Arrin Porr, for instance, who's often seen in many places around town using our brochures (sans envelope, of course) to solicit funds for herself in Dignity's name. Arrin, if that is indeed her name, is described as being about five feet five inches tall with shoulder-length, brown hair and wearing glasses. At first she provided receipts for donations from the US Mission who, when asked, said they'd never heard of her but this may have changed. There are others canvassing door-to-door with our brochures also soliciting funds in our name who provide authentic-looking bogus receipts and Ms Porr, we suspect, may by now be doing the same thing.

Please be aware that the only way to assure that checks intended to help offset Dignity Village's operational costs or to go into our land acquisition fund are if they're mailed to our secure address which is

Dignity Village
133 NW 6th Avenue
Portland, OR, 97209.

The only other way to help fund Dignity Village's programs is to donate online through our Web site Kindly specify which account, op costs or land fund, you'd like your donation to go toward.

Dignity Village takes quite seriously the misuse of its brochures, the trust of potential supporters and, of course, our good name. And so we issue this disclaimer.