Group for Study of Songun Policy Formed in U.S.

Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) -- A group for the study of the Songun policy was inaugurated in the U.S. some days ago. John Paul Cupp, chairman of the All Anti-Imperialists Wishing to Build Solidarity with the DPRK, in the U.S., was elected chairman of the group and Travis Dandy secretary general of the group. The group in a letter addressed to the Mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea in Japan noted that they are going to follow the great Songun policy as the policy is superior to other policies and the best policy arousing all the popular masses to the struggle to defend socialist Korea. The members of the group got together and united as one to support and encourage the DPRK and such south Korean mass vanguard organization as the National Democratic Front of South Korea, the letter said. The letter said that they would actively follow the Songun policy as they knew well that the principle of giving importance to the army laid down by leader Kim Jong Il is a strategical and tactical treasured sword to defeat the enemies, reject revisionism, build and complete socialism in the world.

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