"...a bright light on a cold winter night."

To the Editor:

Very simply: this is not a perfect world with perfect humans with perfect solutions to their problems.

But the good-faith efforts and the loving compassionate, hopeful attitudes and work of the residents and volunteers at Dignity Village in Portland deserve our careful attention and respect, as they strive for a partial, workable prototype -- albeit humanly imperfect -- for the homeless problem.

We should be applauding and encouraging the progress of this self-governing, caring community, which, with a little assistance from your city, and against great odds is offering independence shelter, love, and hope to those who would be under bridges, in public parks, and in the doorways of your fair city.

Other communities are watching Portland for its creative leadership and compassionate response in meeting this growing human need.

Dignity Village is a bright light on a cold winter night.

Joan Yasui Emerson
Hood River

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