Kamagasaki Patrol(KAMAPAT)
Association of Poor People in Nagai Park
Tokusyu Rouso Junbi Kai (preparatory committee of elderly day and homeless workers public work union)
Nishinari Kouen Yorozu Soudansyo (homeless comrades' consultation center in Nishinari Park)

We, homeless movement organizations in Osaka, wholeheartedly support the first International Tent City and Housing Alternatives Day.

Also in Japan, social exclusion against homeless people has been getting stronger and stronger. For recent example, last 24 January, Nagoya City authority evicted 7 homeless comrades mobilizing almost 700 city officers and guards and polices.

Situation is same in our city, Osaka, where more than 10,000 homeless people live. More and more comrades got lost his sleeping place or tent by eviction, everyday. We should stop all eviction to defend our community, because mutual-aid communities of streets or parks are the "last line of survival " for homeless comrades.

And we strongly believe that we, "have-nots", really have the power to resist and fight against this neoliberal social system which endlessly producing unemployment and poverty and homelessness.

Our only weapon is to unite!
Long live international solidarity!
Let's fight together!