Dignity Village and community partner City Repair Project to receive APDSR's Lewis Mumford Award

Dignity Village is pleased to announce its selection 'long side community partner The City Repair Project to receive this year's prestigious Lewis Mumford Award for Socially Responsible Development.

The award is given annually by the national organisation Architects, Designers, and Planners for Social Responsibility to an organisation which leads the nation in design on behalf of human and natural communities and this year will be shared by both Dignity Village and The City Repair Project. The Lewis Mumford Award is given not only to honour the memory of the famous and beloved social planner, author and advocate Mumford who gave so much to the world but also in recognition of the parallel vision and accomplishments shared by both organisations in the service of social justice and environmental sustainability through design which has had a national and international impact. The award also recognizes the connection which has been forged through this work which has joined the sustainable design community with the community of homeless people and its advocates.

Dignity Village is deeply honoured to be a co-recipient of this year's award and EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE is cordially invited to join us for this very special event and celebration. Please come join us at the Sunnyside Piazza located at SE 33rd and Yamhill tomorrow night, July 10th, at 7 PM for the award ceremony and celebration.

Portland's famous T-Pony will be serving chai and dessert. Bring wondrous special food and drinks to share, and please arrive at around 6:30 PM to help set up the T-Pony and to help get things ready for the event!

Call 503-381-5885 for details.