Greetings to all Dignity Village supporters out there!

There have been a lot of things going on at Dignity Village lately. We are looking hopefully towards the future and are amazed in our reflections of the past seven months and all that we have accomplished.

The farm has just harvested its first round of zucchini and squash with hopes of selling at local farmers markets beginning this week. In the coming weeks tomatoes and pumpkins will also be added to the list. We will keep you posted on where you can buy this farm fresh produce, while supporting the efforts of Dignity Village.

Village residents and supporters have been working together on bylaws and articles of incorporation continuing to refine the self-governance model. We are working diligently towards becoming our own independent non-profit organization within the coming months.

Negotiations for siting Dignity Village on public land and intiating a one-year pilot project continue to move in positive directions. We are working with Erik Sten's office, the Bureau of Housing and Community Development, and the Portland Development Commission to locate an appropriate site for the pilot project and hammer out conditions for Dignity Village's long term future.

We still face uncertainty for the immediate future, as on September 1st Dignity Village must vacate its current site at NW 17th and Savier. Sonce it may not be feasible to relocate to city land by September 1, we are looking for private land close to the downtown core for the short term (3-6 months). If you have any ideas for private/non Dignity Village, please contact John Hubbird at (503)295-7747 or via email at

Village residents have added a few more items to its wish list for donations. The current list can be found at our ever evolving website.

Digsville Farm:
Fish Fertilizer
White Gas
Connections with locations to sell produce
Monetary donations to put gas in the farm truck, as there are many trips being made back and forth between Portland and Vancouver

Dignity Village:
Extra large tupperware containers to store bulk foods
15 to 20 T-shirts for an upcoming softball tournament
Kitchen Thermometers
Bullhorn or PA system
Donations of printing
Toilet Paper
Large soup pot (10 gallons)
Monetary donations to help fund the servicing of the portalets

Donations can be dropped off at Dignity Village or contact Layla at (503)528-9895 or via email at Checks can be sent to Dignity Village c/o street roots 1231 SW Morrison Portland, OR 97205. Please specify if you would like funds to go towards a particular effort within the village, such as the Farm's gas fund.

To get more involved with Dignity Village, please contact Layla or you can come to one of our weekly Village meetings on Thursday nights at 6:30pm at Dignity Village.

Thanks again for all the support . . .
Viva Dignity!