Give Thanks

We thank each and every one of the many people who contributed time, talent, energy and technical knowhow to Dignity's recent Land and Freedom benefit. We thank the players of instruments and singers of songs, the Uprite Dub Arkestra who played a brilliant set and especially for their "Land and Freedom Dub" (Gwan, Ryan!). We thank Rasta dub poet I Realization for chanting his very apt "Happy is a Bellyful" fi we benefit (Gwan galang yah nuh, Andrew!). We thank Red Emma who has always stood up for Dignity for playing and singing the "Dignity Village Song", also her new work-in-progress "Welcome to America, Jose" about the killing of Jose Mejia Poot (Thanks, Kathleen!). We really liked activist Desert Rat's new song "I Really Like the Cops," also the songs from his popular International Incident CD (Big thanks, Lee!). We thank Money & Lovin' for turning in a great set and 'though the money at the gate was small, the people were definitely lovin' the Hip Hop (Nice one, Humanbeatmachine Mike!). We thank the one DJ Unity for his mixing board, decks and wicked dancehall selection and stylings. We thank BSI Records and Systemwide who, 'though mainly for technical reasons were unable to play, gave invaluable advice and taught us how to get our message out to a wider audience (Al' hmdula' lah, Ezra!). We thank musician and benefit coordinator Gary Spry for his contribution of talent, time and hard work, also Homeless Front activist soldier Ross for his good work in putting our program in order (nice work, crew, respect!). We thank the controversial Riot Cop for their riotous performance and television-smashing antics on stage, a great contribution (Always a pleasure, Alex!). We thank WNBA Coach Tom Newell of the Portland Fire basketball team for the autographed Jackie Stiles tee shirt and suite tickets we raffled that day and for the autographed basketballs we have yet to auction for our benefit. We thank the Guitar Center of Clackamas for the loan of a backline and all the great equipment (Muchas gracias, Roberto!). We thank village security for putting together a great security team, we thank all villagers, soldiers and crew for their great work promoting our benefit and man/womaning the concessions and tables (Nice one, Ken Two Dawgs, Jumper, Demon, Outreach Tim!). We thank all DJs and talk show hosts at Community Radio KBOO 90.7 FM and KPSU 1450 AM for their shout outs and encouragement, we thank all our sponsors, especially the Rearguard who helped with the venue and WSUV's Hunger and Poverty Project who helped offset printing costs. We thank Wendy and Heather of Kwamba Productions for filming the whole scene and whose documentary will one day benefit us all. We thank the Larson Legacy for all their great support, past and present, and for their help getting the tee shirts we sell to help cover Dignity's operating costs. We give thanks to all our great supporters, benefactors and crew. We give thanks and praise unto God.
Coach Tom & the Jackie Stiles Tee Shirt

Uprite Dub Arkestra meets the Dignity Crew uptown

Ross takes to the stage

Original soldiers & Dignity baby Dathan Uhuru

Kathy & Ibrahim danced


Coordinator Gary and the benefit crew

Aaron, Joel, Luke and Anthony take the stage