Dignity brochure party

Dear Dignity Supporter,

Dignity Village is hosting a party to celebrate our Brochure Project and all the hard work by so many people that went into that project.

Our Brochure Party is on Tuesday, February 18, at 6:30 PM in the Community Area at Dignity Village, 9325 Sunderland Ave, Portland, OR, 97211 and directions to our current location can be found on our Web site http://dignityvillage.org .

There'll be food and fun, surprises, pizza and dessert, so everybody run come celebrate at the Dignity Brochure Party!

As you know, our brochures ask people to join us and to get involved, to visit us and share their ideas, and to send money to nourish and support our vision. We have a quantity of brochures remaining from our distribution campaign during the holiday season and after the party we'll be looking at ways to most effectively get our message out.

Everybody's welcome to come to the Dignity Brochure Party!

Give thanks.

Jack Tafari, chairman.