Dignity in the wider community

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We distribute our brochures

We march with other organizations

Our tee shirts at Saturday Market

Rayne and Dignity baby Dathan Uhuru

Ibrahim inna doorway from whence we came

Laurie and Moose

We attend student peace conferences

Alan, Laura, Mayor Potter and his wife Karin
at the Photovoice Look Here! Premiere

Cindy, Boss Lady and Jack

Campaigning for the Right to Sleep at City Hall

We work at Saturday Market

Lisa and Big Tom


Tido and Jack

Carls Jr.

Jesse, Tom Potter, Jack

We speak at campaign kickoffs

International networking:
Athol of Groundswell UK, Sheree & Jack

Villagers and the mighty poet Matubaruka

We speak before the policy makers.
Sharing the podium with Michael Woolcock,
senior social scientist of the World Bank,
at the Crisis Innovations Fair 2004 in London.

Dignity officers meet Commissioner Sam Adams uptown at the "new" City Hall