We Get Many Visitors

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Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and Secretary Ibrahim Mubarak

We present Secretary of State Bill Bradbury with a tee shirt

Visitors from Tibet, Hood River and Italy

Geshe La

We present Bookda Gheisar with one of our popular tee shirts

Ib, Tim, Tom and Gaye

Coach Tom Newell

Journalist Jim Redden takes notes for an article

Photographing the photographer: Cat, Elizabeth and Jim Clarke
of the Portland Tribune

Amoya, Tully, Harry and Brenda

We present Bev Stein with a tee shirt

Bev Stein with original soldiers

Supporters Jan Carothers and Angie DeRouchie

Bookda and Lee

Benjamin, July 4th, 2003

Some Dignity gal dem

Tasa at a village computer

Susan of McKenzie River Gathering Foundation

Chris, Ibrahim, and Kathy

Supporter Freedom with Boxcar Wilfred

Villager Shorty with Boxcar Wilfred

Wendy and Heather of Kwamba Productions
and photographer Jason Kaplan

Tim and Za Cat

The outreach team

Reporter Christina Heatherton with Villagers in front of Ginju's structure

We present Metro Council Presidential candidate
David Bragdon with a tee shirt

Heather films Ernesto

Bringing naturopathic healing to the village

We reason together

Ibrahim, Phoebe and Jack

Wendy cleans house

Making music

Kate Lore and the new Port-O-Let

The great Gretchen Kafouri

Gretchen Kafouri's PSU class

Turtle in repose

Turtle and pup

The puppies

Grandma Jada

Ibrahim with Kristi Wade and
Vanessa Nygaard of WNBA Portland Fire

Tim's house

With Sarah Kershaw of the New York Times

Mayoral candidate Tom Potter visits the village

Supporter Kathy Larson on the porch
of our first strawbale house

Delegate from Nagai Tent Village in Osaka, Japan
brings a banner from his tentcity to ours

Jack and visitor Ali Sharif

Mark Lakeman and Karin Hansen

Tim and Brenda

Our new proposal

Ernest and Kay's house

Jack and Almine

Amy and Lee outside the newer housing

Potter supporter Kenny Two Dawgs

Tina at Watchdawg's memorial service

Ross and the soon-to-be-replaced shanties

Mad Luddite Tim

Jahanara and Tim

Mr. Wavy Gravy

Tim shows visitors some of the new construction

Tim presents Jahanara a new, blue tee

Laura, Wavy Gravy, and Alan

Wavy Gravy and entourage

Jack, Utah Phillips, and Genny Nelson

Pirate Steve