This song was performed by Utah Phillips at Winterfolk 2002 after a visit to Dignity Village.
Tune: I Ain't Got No Place in this World Anymore

"I Ain't Got a Home"

I ain't got no home, I'm just walkin' 'round,
Lookin' for a doorway where I can lay down.
The police make it hard to matter where I go,
And I ain't got a home in this town anymore.

Once I had a job, enough to pay the rent,
Clothing, car and groceries, they took up every cent.
Then the boss laid me off and he showed me out the door,
Now I ain't got a job or a home anymore.

I went down to employment, they said, "What can you do?"
"I'll try most anything." "Well, there's nothing here for you."
No place left to borrow, my kin are just as poor.
I ain't got a home in this town anymore.

I see the rich folks' houses are more than they can use,
But I just keep on moving, my home is in my shoes,
You see me worn and ragged, sick and hungry, too,
And don't you know it could happen to any one of you.

Just when I was thinking, "I guess I'll never win,"
I found a camp called Dignity, you know they took me in.
Now I'm clean and sober 'stead of up against the wall,
Looks like I've found a home in this town after all.

Yes, I finally found a home, a place where I can be,
Where my brothers and my sisters can live in dignity,
And I won't go back to living the way I did before,
and we ain't gonna take being homeless anymore.

"I Ain't Got a Home" - Copyright © 2002 Utah Phillips