Action Alert

February 17th, 2003

Marching for the right to sleep

The Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee (SHOC) is planning a march on Monday, February 17th from Loaves & Fishes at 2:00 P.M. Instructions will be given at this time. We will march south on 16th St., east on D St., then over to 21st & C St. park where those living in their vehicles will join-up and follow the marchers to 28th & C St. Those who plan to set up camp with us, bring your camping gear with you. Those living in vehicles will also have a place to park. All others, please join in the march to show your support.

In the past year 33 of our people have died, of which seven were murdered. Of those murders two were in January of this year. OUR PEOPLE NEED A PLACE TO SLEEP NOW!!!

SHOC has applied to the City for camping permits only to be turned down. We can't wait any longer for the City to grant us a permit, therefore for the safety of our people we must act now while we continue to negotiate for a camp.