Work party at Dignity Village

We're having a work party at Dignity Village this Saturday to complete the strawbale house we began during the Village Building Convergence and everyone's welcome to come out and earthen plaster Dignity's super strawbale structure! The house's designer Lydia Doleman of Flying Hammer will be there as will architect Mark Lakeman of City Repair and what we'd like to accomplish is to finish the interior of the structure, hang the door and do some painting, to complete construction of the structure itself so that all that will remain to be done will be to hook it up to our wind turbine to generate electricity.

The party starts around 10 AM on Saturday, 28th June, and will go on until sundown. Dignity Village of course is currently located at 9325 NE Sunderland Ave which is just off NE 33rd between Marine Drive and Columbia Blvd. For further information, please contact Lydia Doleman at (502) 975 4232.