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Dignity Village is a mobile tent city in Portland, Oregon. It is home for people who might otherwise inhabit doorways and sidewalks, Dignity provides a peaceful community, a clean environment, a center, and safety.




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Dignity Printable Documents

Please feel free to print out these flyers and handouts and then distribute them! It will really help us get the word out.

The files are in PDF format. Unless you are using Linux, you will need Acrobat Reader to view these and then print them. If you are using Linux you can view them using xpdf, gv, or kghostview (among others:))- which are usually installed by default.

Tri-fold brochure
Two pages, to be printed on front and back of a single sheet; 56KB

This makes a great general hand out. It should be folded in thirds like a typical tri-fold pamphlet. Contains a reply form which readers can fill out and ask for more info or make donations.

- Proposal to the City
A summary Dignity Village's development capacity and action plan, along with several requests to the City of Portland that we believe are necessary to insure that the plan is successfully implemented in the most timely manner possible.
- Successes in Sunderland
For the past 9 months, Dignity Village has been located at the city-owned Sunderland leaf composting yard. Despite some severe drawbacks to this location (e.g. the site's remoteness, distance from basic services, and being next to a prison), there have been many upsides and successes for the village during this period. This report is to update on the current status of the village, and to acknowledge and celebrate its successes while at Sunderland.
Dignity support list
One page, one side; 19KB

Print out and post, or distribute to have organizations sign up. This is a perfect way to respond to businesses and churches who say they want to help and wish to know what to do next.

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