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Dignity Village is a mobile tent city in Portland, Oregon. It is home for people who might otherwise inhabit doorways and sidewalks, Dignity provides a peaceful community, a clean environment, a center, and safety.




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We thank the stream of well-wishers who constantly drop off food and other donations at Dignity Village. We have paid rent through July 1st. We travel in our famous shopping cart parades from place to place until victory comes. We live lightly on the land and must be able to move quickly. We need a few more white gas lanterns, we are constantly trying to upgrade our tents. Coffee, sugar, a little food is always nice. Heavy things like mattresses we politely decline.

What we really want is a place in this world. We want sanction. We need a piece of land where we can build and create something truly beautiful. We have good architects. City Repair Project is working with us. We have a proposal and a position. We have a tax number so that any donations of land or otherwise are tax deductible. We need funds to service our Port-O-Lets. Checks should be made out to Dignity Village, Inc. Receipts are available upon request for tax purposes. We need large tents. Our tents are battered from moving from place to place, we constantly seek to improve the quality of life for our members. We need formal letters of endorsement from church, business, and community organizations. We need fund-raising benefits. Our press release machine will publicize all benefits. If you want to know more about any of this, please phone Out of the Doorways coordinator Jack (503) 281-1604 or via email at or email us. Much love and thanks to you all.

By popular request, for those of you who are list-oriented, here is our ever-changing list of items we need at Dignity Village:

Donations can be dropped off at Dignity Village or contact Jack at 503 281-1604 or 503 803-1348 or via email Checks can be sent to Dignity Village, Inc.; 133 NW 6th, Portland OR 97209. Please specify if you would like funds to go towards a particular effort within the village, such as the Farm's gas fund.

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