Homeless in Japan

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Emissary Orion with students in Ebetzu City

Dec 29th, 2003
Kwamba's Wendy and Heather with our comrades at Nagai Park tent village.

"This is a tent city in a park by the hotel I stayed at.
They had made kitchen areas, and use the park bathrooms.
They also had little food carts there, maybe to sell to
business people during the week?
I wasn't in Tokyo long enough to find out."

"This was a common sight, people under awnings.
No sweeps, no cop harassment.
After the shops close for the day,
the awnings are fair game."

Heather pounding the mochi at Nagai Park.
Dec. 29, 2003

A comrade of the Kamagasaki Patrol speaks

Ougimachi Park

Soup kitchen

Orion speaks at Ougimachi Park

Visitors arrive

Welcome meeting

Around the fire

In the HQ tent

Fences to keep out the homeless

Raging against the fence

Missionary line

Nagai structure

In Nagai Park

Dignity posters on Nagai Park bulletin board


T is Nagai Park's great yam farmer and cook

A cubicle at the mission

Mission like Auschwitz

Sinks at the mission

Structures in Nishinari Park

"Piss to the Jap imperial flag! Piss to all governments! Viva la uprising! Ich moechte schoene Anarchie! Geh' zum Teufel, alle Kapitalismus und NAZIS! Instead of THEIR VIOLENCE, WE must try to get OUR MUTUAL AID society all over the world." -- Rebel Jill

Emissary Orion at Kyoto anti-war demonstration

Writing organizing bulletins

A comrade of the Kamagasaki Patrol burns a "no trespassing" sign

At Cafe...Peace

Commandante Noma (left), a labor organizer of the Kamagasaki ward, one of Japan's biggest itinerant labor districts


"You can hear the people cough from inside the boxes."

Tearing up the anti-homeless fences

Singing the Internationale in Nagai Park

Ill workers

"Kamagasaki Labour Center, a vast, unheated, concrete bunker of misery, a place where companies come to hire workers for jobs across Japan. These days there's not enough work. Many workers lay ill on blankets and in cardboard boxes..."

Labor Union storefront, one of the unions fighting oppression of workers

Writing a letter to Dignity Village

At the tent city in Nishinari Park

At the home of Asahi-san, Kagorhima native and professed Dignity Village otaku (crazed fan)!

Members of the Kamagasaki Patrol look in on an isolated camper

A Kamagasaki shelter, looking unequivocably like a jail. Note the shuttered windows, bars on the stairs, and the cage on the roof.

At the home of Asahi-san

Visitors and Osaka comrades at Shinimamiya Station

Touring the Nishinari shelter

North Amerikan visitors with Kamagasaki comrades

Meeting at Ougimachi Park

Photo exhibition from the Dairin Matsuri Fest

Delegate Comrade N and Dignity comrades