Virtual Dignity

Writings, poems, drawings, and songs by villagers and friends

The Dignity Village Song
by Kathleen Juergens

Serving with Dignity
by Daniel Howe

Housin' Prablem
by Jack Tafari

Dignity Cheers
by the Radical Cheerleaders

History: Peace and Damnation
A poem by JP Cupp

I Ain't Got a Home
A song by Utah Phillips

Dignified Welcome
A poem by Coyote

Where is our basic human dignity?
An essay by Virus

Where is my home going to be tonight
A poem by Mike Broderick

Land and Freedom dub
A track by Uprite Dub Arkestra

Poems by the Out Loud Poets

Building a model of community and housing
A story by Patricia Cook 

Homeless Karma
From Everyday Revolutions by Laura Brown

by the youthman Orphan Child


My home is at Dignity Village
A poem by Mike Broderick

Two, Three ... Many Tent Cities!!!
A poem by John Paul Cupp

The Ranching Business
A poem by John Paul Cupp

A Song for My Village
A poem by John Paul Cupp

Friday Night in Dignity Village
Impressions of Dignity, written by a villager, Sheila Shortell.

What I Liked About Dignity Village When I Was There
An essay by Honorable Minister X

Welcome to America
(In memory of José Santos Victor Mejia Poot)
A song by Red Emma

Video trailer
by Kwamba Productions of the Dignity Village documentary

Forty One Bullets Chant
A poem by Jack Tafari 

Kind Hands
A story by Patricia Cook 

Criminal Reality
A dub poem

gone in the homeland or never was
A poem by christina heatherton

Jewels for the rag
A poem by Randy Dolinger

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